A Full Day by Noon

November 27th, 2012

11-28-12I started the day researching future stops and routes for the upcoming 2 weeks and then headed south to Fort Pierce, Florida. I had an appointment to meet with Chris Arnold, a photographer for Scripps Newspapers. It was his photo that graced the cover of the 2nd section of the Press Journal in Vero Beach. He wants to do the same sort of story for the Scripps paper in Fort Pierce. We met for quite some time for an interview and photo shoot.
My 2nd stop was for a very early lunch at a local restaurant owned by Scott Van Duzer who is a huge supporter of local community efforts and needs. He is going to arrange a talk at the Boys and Girls Club on my return trip through  Fort Pierce.
I headed next to Indian River State College. I met with student advisor, Sharon Lowe. She has had a long career of counseling adolescents and was an instant fan of my mission.
Janie Gould at WQCS, a local radio station did a very nice interview, focusing on the “why” of my ride.
Jackie at the Saint Lucie County School Board was next up and is going to make copies of my handout sheet and post one in their lunch room.
In the early afternoon hours, I met Mindi Fetterman, a very courageous survivor. She is starting a local sexual abuse/rape crisis center in Fort Pierce. She has a huge passion for helping those with a very big need in a very big way. I have no doubt, this woman is going to make a huge difference in the lives of many people.
Thank you to good friend James from Fort Pierce for helping with most of the logistics to today’s visits.

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