St. Peter’s Preparatory Academy

November 26th, 2012
I love visiting schools across the country and talking to the students, teachers  and faculty about having a goal of kindness. To me, It is the best deterrent to bullying. Today I visited Saint Peter’s Prep in Gifford, Florida, on the invitation of Barbara Andrews, who heads the Administration Department. This K-6 academy is doing a wonderful job of helping to learn the core character building traits while getting an academic education. These very well behaved children have some challenging lives so I tried to let them know the greatness they can reach in their lives. After the program ended, one of the 5th grade students came over and told me, “You changed my life today.” It was a very special moment. I hope all children feel a sense of pride and a feeling that they truly can be great person in this world after my program. Samuel Bristol, Dean of the School had some equally kind things to say about the program. “This was good for the kids,” was one of them.
While out riding, I met Alexandra, a young Swedish mother of two young boys who live in Vero. She has decided to be a stay at home mom and give her children the best possible upbringing she can. What a refreshing conversation the four of us had.
An article about One Million Acts Of Kindness was in a recent issue of South Magazine in Savannah. The link is below.

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