One of Your Many Choices in Life

November 30th, 2012

Does the thought, I think I’ll get up and make some crystal meth in the backyard shed today?, happen on a spur of the moment or is it a slow steady downward spiral to a life of hellish addiction?
The juxtaposition of a story of The Kindness Bicycle sharing the front page with a story of a 38 year old man making some incredibly wrong decisions, was a lesson in life choices to say the very least. This 38 year old, was concocting meth in a shed, a mere 100 feet from a school. Somehow, someway, you hope and pray people like him, by getting caught, will transform them and change their life to be able to help others who choose this living hell.
If you are thinking about doing drugs, don’t!
If you are doing drugs, stop!
These two statements are part of The Kindness Bus Tour’s message to kids, and after seeing these two articles share the front page, I am adding them to the side of The Kindness Bus tomorrow.
Having a lifetime goal of kindness, can save you from a living hell of many an affliction. It is one of your many choices in life.

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