The Inner Bully

December 1st, 2012
There is so much said and reported about the actions of the bully toward another individual, but little is talked about the inner bully in some of us.
When an individual is too hard on oneself, life becomes more of a challenge than it needs to be.
The following is taken from “Inner Bully,” a book by Dr. Sidney J. Cohen PhD Licensed Psychologist:
Let’s start with the idea that your Inner Bully is a very negative part of your subconscious, that acts like an evil force. This force is not directed at other people; it is directed at you. It is what causes you to beat up on yourself and feel like you are your own worst enemy. It is what causes you to blow out of all proportion anything you think you’ve done wrong or badly. The more often your Inner Bully gets you to berate and criticize yourself, the more vulnerable you become to various psychological problems, like depression and anxiety, as well as to psychosomatic symptoms, like headaches, high blood pressure, GI disturbances, and sleep impairment. Overall, the number one purpose of your evil Inner Bully is to convince you (deep down in your subconscious) that you do not deserve to get what you want in life–much less to be happy. This affects every part of your life, from your job or schooling, to your relationships, to your ability to have fun in general. Yes, the word “deserve” is the key here: as far as your Inner Bully is concerned, you never deserve to get what you want, even when you feel convinced you have earned it.

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