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The Importance of Words

Friday, November 16th, 2012

11-16-12One of my favorite sculptures in Vero Beach, Florida is of a sea turtle with paintings of children throughout the world on its shell. On the base are beautifully descriptive words that all of us should embrace in our lives. These 34 words if embodied, can lead to a happier life and even lead to less suicide in our society.
These are the words;

Inspire, Respect, Share, Forgive, Listen, Support, Meditate, Imagine, Accept, Understand,  Strive, Resolve Communicate, Revere, Solve, Progress, Thank, Create, Motivate, Hug, Give, Believe, Persevere, Build, Unite, Volunteer, Try, Laugh, Promote, Cheer, Redefine, Dream, Hope and Love.
There are many other words you can add to this list to begin the road to an “even better you.”
Thank you to the Vero Beach Elks Lodge #1774 for providing accommodations for The Kindness Bus Tour.

Fort Pierce Visit

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

11-15-12Making my way to have some much needed work done on The Kindness Bus, I stopped to make the rounds in Fort Pierce. The waterfront in this small historic downtown area is sensational. I met with one of my good friends James, I met a few years ago while on The Kindness Bus Tour. He is a big help when I come to this town and is going to promote the Ring Our Country with Kindness all throughout Fort Pierce.
Today I visited Saint Andrew’s Elementary School, Barbara Bradford the Headmaster’s assistant was thrilled I stopped with Bogart to their school. Several teachers took the time to congratulate me on my ride.
I met Pam, a single mother of two teenagers is holding down two jobs to make ends meet. She has always let her children know that when trouble looks them in the eye, to just walk away. Her words reminded me of a great man, Jim “Pap” McIntyre who I met in Vero Beach a couple of years ago, he wrote the words, “Don’t fight, walk away.” Pap passed away about a month before I made it back to Vero. What an honor it was to have known such a kind man.

Grandparents Against Bullying

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

11-14-12“My grandson was bullied, I love what you are doing,” a retired Delray resident said to me at The Kindness Bus. He told me that a lot of parents are “dropping the ball” raising their kids. He as a grandparent had to step up to negotiate, bringing an end to it. He is clearly a loving family man.
Jessica and her good friend Jessica were spending a lot of time at The Kindness Bicycle as I watched from a distance. I headed their way when it seemed that there might be something to their pause. Jessica thanked me for raising awareness about Adolescent Suicide. Just two months ago her brother took his life and before that her step-brother did as well. She wants everyone to know that there is another way out of depression and that is getting the help you need. The problems you are facing today will soon be over. Hang on to your life with all your might. Someone needs you in a very big way.
Laura a young 40 year old, was bullied through middle school. She sought the friendship of another group of kids for safety. She also turned to studying and saw that being smart was a way to “rise above” the taunting.
I visited Pine Grove Elementary School in Delray today. Ms. Bethel, the Community Resource Specialist and Ms. Lindor, one of the Guidance Counselors were enthused that I took the time to meet with them.
Thank you to Megan who treated me to a gift certificate to a coffe chain.
A huge Kindness Bus Tour thank you to the 3 juniors from Atlantic Community High School for their interest and for desiring to arrange a visit to their school in the near future.

Kids Are the Same Everywhere

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

11-13-12As I make my way around the perimeter of the country, I am finding that kids are pretty much the same everywhere. They face the same problems and deal with the same issues and nearly everyone of them, by the time they are 18, know someone who has taken their life. It is a story that is taking place across the world in huge numbers. There is a big interest amongst students in helping to stop these ever-increasing deaths.
I met Benji, a very caring high school student who is interested in helping people who are struggling with life. He wants to make it a profession, and from our conversation, I can tell he will have a positive impact on many lives. There needs to be more Benjis in the world.

“Living Is So Big” Is Very Big

Monday, November 12th, 2012

11-12-12I met Jesus, Iliana and Christopher Agudo a little over a year ago. We were in Lawrence, Kansas and the 4 of us connected in many important ways. They were, and still are, traveling the country giving people the many reasons for living life fully. They are reaching people from all corners of the United States. They are doing very important work. Visit their website at

The following is taken from their website.

Living Is So Big empowers, encourages, and inspires everyone to more actively appreciate life and everything that surrounds it. We are making a difference in today’s children, teens, adults, and elders by reminding everyone that “if you have a heartbeat you have a purpose”.

We are touring the United States to reach people with the desire to effect a positive change in their lives. To date, we have traveled over 40,000 miles and have visited 60+ cities. We go to high schools, universities, businesses, stores and events telling people about The Power of Life Appreciation.

Each one of us has the power to change ourselves and the world.

Help us spread Life Appreciation throughout the world. Together we can make someone’s day a little better. And whether we reach one individual or billions, a smile created is beyond priceless. Your reason may just save a life!

Veterans Day Should Be Everyday

Sunday, November 11th, 2012
11-11-12His head was hung down to his knees, with a blanket draped over the layers of clothing covering his hunched frame. A shopping cart fully loaded with his possessions rested next to the park bench, where he spends most of his days. His wounds, had they been external, would have healed years ago. He is wounded inside and that has not healed. He feeds himself and self-medicates with whatever change he can muster during the course of the day. Veterans like this man are finding life back home nearly as challenging as the battlefield, maybe even more in some cases. I talk with men like this in every town I visit. The suicidal temptation that can accompany the isolation and loneliness veterans experience is far too common. Eighteen veterans are taking their lives every day of the year. Drastic measures need to be taken to end this tragedy. Help all you can in every way possible. Look for volunteer opportunities at
These Veterans, who defended our country in far away lands are now mostly forgotten. Lend a hand up or have a caring conversation when you see someone who is in such a bad way. It is the duty of all of us. Your actions and caring words may save a life. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen this upcoming Thanksgiving week. Your caring heart is needed in a very big way. Interact with Veterans as if every day is Veterans Day…because, it is.

Age Appropriate Lessons in Life

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

11-10-12Learning about life and the lessons that are part of it, as a child grows from youth to adolescent to adulthood, should happen in a meaningful sequence. Learning too much a too young an age is not mentally healthy for a child. It seems nowadays that many kids are having to deal with adult type situations in their youth. These experiences are too much for a young mind to process. There should be a right of passage.
Dave and his son Buck who are from Milwaukee walked around The Kindness Bus, reading every word of every message. Dave told me that every kid should live every message written on its outside.
Martinez, who owns a concrete block and rebar company had his wife and daughter take pictures of The Kindness Bus from all different angles. He said his kids mean everything to he and his wife. They are with them every step of the way. I am hearing this comment from many a parent.