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The Best Present of the Season

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

photo-3There are quite a few gifts for the taking on the One Million Acts Of Kindness website. There are Kindness Certificates and six Parent’s Vow Certificates. These Certificates, signed and framed, are perfect for Christmas and Hanukkah, an anniversary or a birthday. They might be the most memorable gift you ever give or receive.
Today, I ran into Larry, a man I met a week ago in Vero Beach. He had with him two Father’s Vow Certificates that he had just signed after printing off the One Million Acts Of Kindness website. A vow to both of his sons to be the best father possible. I was blown away when he pulled them out of his bag to show me.
Take a look at these free Certificates and see if you don’t agree. One thing is for certain, the price is right.

Thanksgiving 2012

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

photo-2Any day of the year which you can begin by watching a Turkey Trot race, has got to be a great day. Over 1,100 runners, trotters and walkers woke early to raise money for hunger, many of them children. I parked The Kindness Bus along the race course and got on The Kindness Bicycle where I had a captive audience of about 1,300 for a half hour until the race began. I couldn’t have arranged for a better crowd. There was a load of interest from these caring individuals.

Bogart was due for a long walk and being inspired by all the runners we set off for a run/walk/trot of our own.

While walking and earlier at the race, I heard from many who had seen the newspaper article, the Rhett Palmer radio interview or the two television pieces, one of them was a young lady on the walk named, Kristen. She had some very nice comments about The Ring Our Country with Kindness ride. She was in an abusive relationship and because of being beaten down mentally, she started having suicidal thoughts. It was because she believed in herself and knew she was a better person than what she was being told that she realized how important her life is.

Today I was treated to a Thanksgiving lunch by the VNA Foundation here in Vero Beach. I will write about this great organization on Sunday. I went to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with five nuns from the Humility of Mary order. These women cooked all day for their one guest. I am truly honored and thankful for being invited to their home. Thank you one and all, my heart is filled with gratitude.

It is hard to believe that one month has flown by since I left New York City; lots of miles, lots of people and loads of fun.

The link to the WPTV video and transcript is below. Thank you Tania Rogers for making the 2 hour drive to help spread the message of kindness.

Much Media

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012
11-22-12Elena, a recent resident to Vero from Long Island, who hopes to work in health care here, has a couple wonderful messages to anyone considering ending one’s life, she says, “You are not alone” and “There are more people like you than you know.” Knowing that you are not the only one who is suffering the way you are, can be somewhat of a comfort.
A great photo of The Kindness Bus was on the front page of the Indian River section of today’s Vero Beach Press Journal. Photographer, Christopher Arnold, captured me as I made my way on Route 60. Dozens of people waved and thanked me today in response to the photo and descriptive caption.
Tania Rogers of WPTV Channel 5 in West Palm Beach made the 2 hour drive to talk with me about One Million Acts Of Kindness. She thought it would make a nice Thanksgiving story. What a nice interview and her passion for putting together an informative piece was clear to see. I’m guessing she will give viewers a great representation of my mission.
Peter Schaller from CBS 12 News in West Palm Beach happened upon The Kindness Bus and stopped by after lunch. He interviewed a visitor to the area about cyber bullying and had some great questions for me.
Steve, Andrew, Davis and Julie stopped by to see what all the cameras were about and to learn about the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride.
Thank you to James of Fort Pierce for setting up the interview with Tania. What a great day of spreading kindness and raising awareness about two very important issues.

Gratitude for Giving

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012
11-21-12Each Thanksgiving Week we are reminded to have gratitude in our hearts for all we have. I am blessed to have so many caring people in my life and just yesterday a very nice video of me talking about two such people was sent to me. It exemplifies the type of “giving we should all be thankful for” in our lives. The link is here:

Volunteer Week Begins

Monday, November 19th, 2012

11-19-12One thousand seven hundred meals are served at First Church of God in Vero Beach Every Thanksgiving. Today was the day to set up the tables and chairs in the auditorium at the church. I signed up for this work detail as part of my annual volunteer week during the course of Thanksgiving Week. Schools are closed this week in Florida making volunteering, once again this year, the logical choice. It was perfect timing as well as it allowed me to take The Kindness Bus in for some major repairs.
This afternoon, I was interviewed by Rhett Palmer, founder of Vero’s Voice, a local radio show and monthly newspaper. This man is a local legend and is so good for the community. He interviews the “movers and shakers” of the region and his relaxed interview style makes it fun to be in his studio. I look forward to February’s issue of Vero’s Voice. Thank you Rhett, for helping to spread the message of the goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness.


Sunday, November 18th, 2012

11-18-12Choosing not to lend a helping hand up to, or not getting involved in the comfort of someone in need of protection is tantamount to the preservation of bullying.
Be a hero to everyone you possibly can. Choose to embrace the less-popular individual. Help someone who is having a hard time. Just a few kind words and a show of support can work wonders for someone who is hurting. It will be like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” to not only the individual but to you as well. Be a light so bright to the world, that it shines right through a palm tree.
Today was a huge day of talking with individuals and families from the Treasure Coast of Florida. It seems the feeling is unanimous that the messages I am trying to promote are “spot on.”

A Target on Their Back

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

11-17-12What a huge day of meeting people along the Treasure Coast of Florida. There are four separate events taking place this weekend in Vero Beach and One Million Acts Of Kindness will be very visible at all of them.
Early in the day, I met a very caring mom and her son. Bryce has Asperger’s Syndrome  and his mom, Rebecca is there every step of the way for him. Azperger’s is a high functioning form of Autism and because of this they are picked on more than any group of adolescents. “It is as if they have a target on their back,” she said. Rebecca started Puzzled Families, a support group for local parents who had nowhere else to turn. What a great way to help an entire community of people.
Sara from the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County was an instant fan of The Kindness Bicycle and its signs. We got into a lengthy conversation about how people “bully” their pets. She works for this fantastic organization that helps animals who need a helping paw up.
I visited the Vero Beach Rotary’s fundraiser, they are doing so much for so many throughout their community and beyond.
Late in the day, Beth, Peter and Karen invited me to join them for a hot tea. Beth is a special needs teacher in Raleigh and loved seeing the “Overcome bullying through love”  sign on The Kindness Bicycle. She is going to research the News-2-You website for the article that was written a couple of years ago. Every special needs organization should know about this great resource. Their domain is
Thank you to Danielle and the Ocean Grill for the generosity this evening.