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Collier County

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

1-24-13Today I took one last ride on the gulf coast of Florida in Collier County. Tomorrow, after a school program, I will head back to the east coast of Florida.
Early on today, while out riding, I came across the small Veterans Memorial Park in Old Naples. I have stopped by this memorial many times to reflect on the sacrifices of those who gave so much of their lives to protect us from harm. Sadly, so many Veterans are taking their lives, eighteen every day. There needs to be much more hope for those who have given so much for all of us. Go out of your way to make a positive impact on every Veteran you possibly can. You may just possibly save a life.
Thank you to Bob and Dawn from Naples, for the kind words while they were out for a walk and stopped to talk with me by The Kindness Bicycle.

Tommie Barfield Elementary School

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

1-23-13While riding The Kindness Bicycle in mid December, I stopped at several schools to let them know of my availability in the New Year. Today’s visit to Tommie Barfield Elementary School was because of that due diligence.
Nadine O’Donnell, the School Counselor invited me for a visit to talk with the students, teachers and staff.
Principal, Dr. Jory Westberry joined me for an interview on WTBE, the in-school Morning News Show. Bogart clearly stole the show as he laid down and yawned as I talked. He has heard the story told countless times.
This school is a wonderfully nurturing learning environment for everyone of the students, and it shows. All of the students acted in a polite respectful manner. It’s no wonder when their school wide expectations are Respect, Responsibility and Role Model. This is a school where children have every opportunity to soar.
After the Morning Show, Nadine accompanied me to several classrooms. I talked with these small groups about all the great things they are capable of in their lives. They will undoubtably take on the challenge.
After my visit we were joined by several students and Assistant Principal, Katie Maya for a lesson and photo by The Kindness Bus.
In a wonderful email from Nadine, I was paid the ultimate compliment paraphrased from a sentence, “…bless you for all that you do for children.”
A big thank you to Diane Fowler and Aimee Perez for the financial support of my mission.

Changing One’s Diet

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

1-22-13One would think that riding nearly 25 miles a day would be enough to keep one’s body toned. I have been riding on nearly a daily basis for about two years now. Let me be the first to tell you that I need to ride at a faster pace or start eating foods that will increase my metabolism, or both.
Corned beef sandwiches will not increase my metabolism, and no, the sandwich in today’s photo was not mine, it was on the counter of a deli I ate at.
Here’s to a tomato, tofu and alfalfa sprout sandwich with a carrot juice chaser for the next rest of my life.

Sashi Flag

Monday, January 21st, 2013
1-21-13 (2)Great friend, Dr. Donna Rohlf is a lifelong healer of those with mental disorders. She threw caution to the wind when she realized, during a near death experience, that she could save others by spreading the message of love around the world. The brilliant light that she shines upon the world is healing those in need.
The following is an excerpt from her website It is well worth a visit.

Children, teachers and families from places around the world including Cyprus, USA, India, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, U.K., Brazil, Canary Islands and Turkey are participating and contributing to the peace process with their Sashi Flags.                Schools, families and individuals worldwide are invited to express, explore and share their deepest feelings of peace, satisfaction and sense of well-being. The objective of this activity is to foster the awareness that “Peace is an Inside Job.”  Each person has an individual role in creating well-being within. This responsibility fulfilled as an adult is the main ingredient of a more harmonious world and universe.

Crucial to the development, however, of a more enlightened world is the flourishing of cognitive potential in newborns. Second to treating a newborn in a correct fashion, is proper DNA based eating strategies for proper neural development.  Nothing is more important during the first 7 years of life  than to prepare the body for its unique differentiated innate wisdom and intelligence. This nutritional information is  new. Parents or caretakers can now insure the proper brain development of their loved ones through a primary health system practitioner. This information is accessible with correct birth data- an up and coming worldwide human right.

Choose Love

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

1-20-13You can never go wrong choosing love in everything you do. Every choice, when made with love, is the right one. Wanting goodness for everyone should be paramount in our lives. By wanting only goodness for others, it will make you the most kind, caring individual you can possibly be.
Choosing to teach love, in lessons of life to children, is equally important. This helps to build a foundation children can build their lives upon. It is the most important lesson a child can learn. Choose love, it is the greatest of all attributes.

A Good Friend Headed in a Great Direction

Saturday, January 19th, 2013
1-19-13 (2)While home for the Christmas holiday, I was able to meet with a few of my friends during my week long stay in Cleveland. One of my good friends, Greg Wasinski has become an inspirational speaker over the course of the past few years. He is helping individuals realize the importance of a faith filled life. He is a powerful role model to many. The following excerpt is taken from his website.

As an ambitious business executive struggling for lifelong fulfillment, Greg heard a different call to move his talents to communicate in the direction of sharing words of faith filled encouragement.  In turn, he became committed to use his creativity, passion, conviction and a wide array of professional talents as instruments, connecting others to faith and the positive examples in the world around them.  His goals remain to nurture those around him with positive influence in order to be the “difference makers” that can change the world.  Hence he now travels the country sharing his stories with good people just like you!

His tag line “Let me be…” originated while on silent retreat and praying for God’s help to form him into the Man he needs to be.  The Lord simply whispered “Be nothing more than what I created you to be.”  Greg has used this as the basis of opening up his own personal experiences as part of his witness to others.  He exemplifies a true care for our church’s future by opening up dialogue that reminds us why we believe what we believe.           I recommend a visit to Greg’s website,

Pelican Marsh Elementary

Friday, January 18th, 2013

1-18-13The Kindness Bus tour had a huge day by 10am, visiting this Naples, Florida school and being on the morning, in-school newscast which reached over 800 students and teachers.
Laura Pacter, a mother of a couple of students, had seen The Kindness Bus in Naples before Christmas. She knew immediately the message it represented. Laura singlehandedly, put together our visit to this campus.
After visiting the morning news, we visited some of the classrooms to talk with the students in person.
Principal, Dr. James Gasparino, Guidance Counselor, Leanne Hope and  District Coordinator of The Department of Student Services, Diedra Landrum, Ed. D. were all part of the program, helping to spread the message of One Million Acts Of Kindness. It was an honor to be a part of this very caring group of educators. Thank you to everyone at Pelican Marsh Elementary for this very special visit.