Sutro Elementary after School Program

April 30th, 2013

4-30-13Jeffrey Hawkins, Site Coordinator of the Presidio Community YMCA, has a group of thirty, 4th-6th graders who are in his program for 3 hours each school day. He invited me to be a part of their day and share stories about my travels and having a goal of kindness in their lives. This class who does all sorts of creative projects after school sat quietly watching a short video of The Kindness Bus Tour in New York City. A montage of photos of my travels and Bogart’s book was read.
After the talk, some of the group took me for a bicycle ride to local parks. We talked about acts of kindness as we rode. What fun! One of the boys told me every act of kindness he performed along the way, from waving to people, to helping another child on the playground. At ride’s end, the tally of his acts of kindness stood at sixteen.
Looking for opportunities to perform acts of kindness all day long is a great mindset to have.
Thank you to one and all.
Bob Votruba and Bogart too!!

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