Thank You to Everyone in Whitney Point, New York

April 29th, 2013

April 27th, One Million Acts Of Kindness Day, was a huge success once again. For 3 years, this event has grown larger in Whitney Point, New York. In the coming years, it will grow across the United States.
Below is an update on One Million Acts Of Kindness Day in Whitney Point:
Here are some of the acts of kindness that occurred today:
Mile markers placed around our lakeside hiking trail.
Street and roadways cleaned of litter.
Cookies and punch served at the grocery store.
Gift cards randomly passed out.
Open house at the fire station so community members could drop in to say thank you. New members were recruited.
Flowers were planted.
Pies were baked for neighbors.
Letters were written to community members serving overseas.
Flash mob of kindness by Middle Schoolers.
Kindness carols performed throughout town .
nature trail created.
And on and on…
A wonderful day resulting in a warm glow effect all over town!

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