May 25th, 2013

5-25-13Team up to stop bullying is a nationwide campaign started by retailer, Sears, but is run on the local level by groups in towns across the United States. In Petaluma, California, Bill Kizer is very involved in helping to stop bullying. Having a teenage daughter, Bill keeps active by organizing events which gives kids a voice and raises awareness. Tonight he had a dance for 300 kids in the area.
Team Up to Stop Bullying provides much-needed resources to parents, children, educators and communities and will help Americans understand that bullying is a not a normal part of childhood,” said Marie Newman, bullying solutions author and managing director of Team Up to Stop Bullying. “Every seven minutes a child is bullied at school and studies show that schools with an anti-bullying program see a decrease in bullying up to 50 percent. While there isn’t one single fix to every bullying problem, there are proven solutions and services that are implemented.

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