Long Day of Travel

May 26th, 2013

5-26-13I think I am going to have to fire myself as a travel agent. My three leg trip to get from San Francisco to Cleveland took more than 25 hours to get from door to door. With airfare in the $600 – $800 range, flying east would not have been doable. Enter, Bob the travel agent.
Booking a 5:30 AM three leg trip from San Francisco through Denver and Houston to Cleveland was not so much the hard part, but having to park The Kindness Bus and take a shuttle 11 hours before flight time was. It meant having to sleep in the terminal and on planes as I made my way east. Needless to say, I got about an hour of rest. I am going to be catching up on sleep, for having to fly on the cheap, for the next few days. I was however, able to make some great people connections on this $240 bargain basement fare.

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