Puppet Show

February 21st, 2010


With The Kindness Bus Tour picking up steam in many directions, especially the speaking arena, I decided that I should start putting together some outlines for speaking to various groups. I have been asked to speak to volunteers, church groups, businesses, schools of every category, seniors and children. Because of her professional background in caring for children, I posed a few questions regarding talking to very young children, to Karen Myers, Director of Child Care Services at The Little Saints Child Care Center in Virginia. She immediately got back to me with two words, which sounded like great fun, Puppet Show. I am beyond thrilled, to even think of incorporating this into my travels. What comes to mind are the smiling faces of children as a story is told with puppets, to get a wonderful message of being good and doing good for others. I can see it already, Bogart getting a curtain call that is. Stay tuned for great stories of puppet shows for children, in the not too distant future. This is becoming a blast.

One Response to “Puppet Show”

  1. Karen Myers says:

    Hello there friend! So, I think the puppet show starts with a character, Karen, of course, yelling “Bob… Bob…. Bob… where are you?” There you are she says excitedly…. I have missed seeing you. Where have you been? And your story begins… This person Karen, is your mother or best friend or sister or even the postmaster…. hahahaha. This person sees you return home and wants to know ALL about your travels. We have to talk to get this script going. I have been thinking about it for days! Thanks for sharing with me and allowing me to share my passion with you regarding kids! . I love it!