University of Georgia

February 19th, 2010

0219001821I arrived at the plaza near the Tate Student Center, with big help from a student named Timothy from Staten Island. Timothy saw me struggling on my ten-minute walk down from Broad Street and he helped carry my duffle bag. Thank you‼ With the day off to a start like this, I was sure it was a great omen. How could it not be, I am at the University of Georgia. As big as this campus is, it is as friendly as can be. So many people knew Bob and Bogart this morning from the Red and Black newspaper article and the WNEG television interview. Leslie was one of the first students to approach me, with an offer of water for Bogart and fruit for me. Another big fan of One Million Acts of Kindness came by as was concerned for our well-being standing in the sun all day; she returned with two big bottles of water and a pack of cookies, she has a very big heart. It was such a blast, today on the plaza, with Indian music playing in the distance, as many volunteers were helping to raise money for various causes. One of the volunteers, Harry, was told by a few of his friends that the two of us needed to meet. They were right. It was a pleasure to meet such a caring individual as Harry. He is going to do very good things for this world. I looked over at Harry’s friends, as he and I were talking and most of them had already put their stickers to good use.

Bogart, dressed in his Christmas coat for the past few days, just happens to be wearing the colors of the school. He has had so many compliments and seems to be a great temporary, three-day mascot while we are here. A larger than usual amount of students have gone out of their way to come over to meet him. It was a very good visit; nearly two thousand students now have first-hand knowledge of this mission.

2 Responses to “University of Georgia”

  1. Emily Love Hale says:

    Hi, there!
    I’m not a student at UGA but a local of Athens and spotted you and your van downtown I think on Sunday, early afternoon, while crossing the street with my husband, baby, and our little dog. Your friendly smile and peace-sign improved my already-bright day. I kept thinking about the bus and what you’re doing, and I wanted to say thank you! Our brief interaction was a potent reminder to me to guide my actions with kindess.


  2. Tiffany says:

    Hey I’m a UGA student and I met you twice while you were here. I just wanted to say thanks for all that you’re doing and good luck with your journey! :]