A Closely Knit Family, Manhattan

June 25th, 2010

6-25-10Bogart wanted to spend the day chillin’ but we had work to do. Sorry, Bogart!
I have a new-found appreciation for anyone who has to make a living driving the streets of the southern-most part of Manhattan. The congestion, tight turns, one-way roads, no turn here, and just when you think you have figured it out and have made three or four turns to get where you are going, the road construction detours you yet again. The Kindness Bus made some very creative moves today, I wonder if NASCAR has a bus division.
We visited fourteen firehouses today, traveling just over ten miles in nine hours; we broke the 1mph barrier. In four days time we have visited forty-six firehouses on Manhattan, leaving three more to visit on Monday, before we start visiting the next borough’s houses.
Today was tough, not just because of the navigational nightmare, but because of the proximity of these firehouses to ground zero. The 343 fallen heroes were largely from these very first to respond firehouses. They and their surviving coworkers are the real role-models children should look to for core values. The firefighters at these houses are a very closely knit family of brothers and sisters working in close unison, for our safety, every time the alarm sounds.
I was surprise when I arrived at Liberty Street and I was waved down to visit “The Ten House” at ground zero as Ten Engine and Ten Ladder were just coming back from a run. This visit was very short, as parking was extremely limited and the guys were busy getting out of their gear and paying my respects and thanks were echoed by the many who had walked down the ramp.

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  1. gay montage says:

    Bob…You are making such an impact and are bringing a healing message to so many people. You are invited to Syracuse for 9/11-9/12…A-OK! Acts of Kindness Weekend hosted by Women Transcending Boundaries which organized right after 9/11. We have at least 65 organizations ready to do an act of kindness, service and volunteerism on those days, some of which will continue for months and hopefully years. All ages are involved…community gardens will be built, food pantries will be filled, clothing and bikes will be given away, parks will be cleaned up and so many more projects. Hope you can join us as we build community through kindness!