Modern Day Heroes, Manhattan

June 24th, 2010

6-24-10On this the third day of taking the time to thank firefighters throughout New York City, one common trait became evident, all of their voices are filled with a soft-spoken bravery. Never once have I heard anyone taking credit for personal benefit. They are all cut from the same cloth. My talks in schools in the upcoming school year will be enriched by these heroes and the stories they tell. Today I visited sixteen firehouses and was fortunate to find twelve of the houses full. Bogart is becoming a huge hit throughout Manhattan. He was given a firehouse treat at nearly every house. The Kindness Bus is receiving the “Red Carpet” treatment at each stop we make. Most of these men I am meeting were at ground zero on September 11th. They continue on with their work with that same soft-spoken bravery by which they live their lives. They are our modern day heroes. Take the time to thank them.

A big thanks goes out to a wonderful woman named Angie for her kind words and generosity.  Thanks as well to Colleen and her daughter for the huge interest in this mission.

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