Busy in Manhattan

June 23rd, 2010

6-23-10Today was one of those days where you are left wondering, where all the time went. We started on the Upper West Side, visiting firehouses and the heroes who man them. Every visit brings a new found respect for these men. No matter what is being done at the house, they always find the time to talk to me about One Million Acts Of Kindness’ mission. ┬áBill, a Lieutenant at the W 77th Street firehouse found time from what he was doing, to come out and look at The Kindness Bus. He decided on the spot how well the message dovetailed with the work firefighters do for others. I visited five firehouses this morning, finding that the dedication to helping those in need is the main reason that all these men are the best of role-models.
This afternoon I was interviewed by The Odyssey Network, for an upcoming segment on their broadcast to a diverse multi-faith viewership. We were lucky enough to create a parking space near central park, affording the opportunity to talk in and out of the bus and in the park as well. The professional crew from Odyssey, worked with me for the better part of two hours to get my message across on camera.
Late in the afternoon, Gayle stopped by the bus, she told me she was on an MTA bus when she spotted The Kindness Bus, she got off at the next stop two blocks away and walked back to find out about the mission. She then had to walk back two blocks to continue on her way. This is another Kindness Bus “first”.

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  1. Sue says:

    Just a reminder that firefighters aren’t just all men. Just saying!