Benefit in Fort Wayne, Indiana

January 28th, 2011

Early in my travels in 2009, The Kindness Bus Tour was discovered by one of the biggest hearted woman whom I have had the pleasure to meet during my entire trip thus far. Mimi Burns is a “shirt off the back” kind of person. She has been a cheerleader of One Million Acts Of Kindness from day one. Mimi is a gifted musician and has a ten piece Celtic band. She and her band members donate their time to have concerts for those in need on a regular basis.
On New years Eve, nearly a month ago, there was a house fire in Mimi’s neighborhood.  Zoe and Spencer Tomasi made it out of the house, their mom did not. Two teenagers, left to find their way through the most challenging time of their lives. Enter Mimi Burns. Mimi has stepped up to help the children by having a benefit concert at the C2G Music Hall in Fort Wayne. Putting together a benefit in a few weeks time, is no small feat. The entire community is coming together to support the children this Saturday night. Please visit for the details to help this worthy cause.

One Response to “Benefit in Fort Wayne, Indiana”

  1. Steve Tyler says:

    Thanks Bob. We appreciate your support.

    Steve and Mimi