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University of Georgia

Friday, February 19th, 2010

0219001821I arrived at the plaza near the Tate Student Center, with big help from a student named Timothy from Staten Island. Timothy saw me struggling on my ten-minute walk down from Broad Street and he helped carry my duffle bag. Thank you‼ With the day off to a start like this, I was sure it was a great omen. How could it not be, I am at the University of Georgia. As big as this campus is, it is as friendly as can be. So many people knew Bob and Bogart this morning from the Red and Black newspaper article and the WNEG television interview. Leslie was one of the first students to approach me, with an offer of water for Bogart and fruit for me. Another big fan of One Million Acts of Kindness came by as was concerned for our well-being standing in the sun all day; she returned with two big bottles of water and a pack of cookies, she has a very big heart. It was such a blast, today on the plaza, with Indian music playing in the distance, as many volunteers were helping to raise money for various causes. One of the volunteers, Harry, was told by a few of his friends that the two of us needed to meet. They were right. It was a pleasure to meet such a caring individual as Harry. He is going to do very good things for this world. I looked over at Harry’s friends, as he and I were talking and most of them had already put their stickers to good use.

Bogart, dressed in his Christmas coat for the past few days, just happens to be wearing the colors of the school. He has had so many compliments and seems to be a great temporary, three-day mascot while we are here. A larger than usual amount of students have gone out of their way to come over to meet him. It was a very good visit; nearly two thousand students now have first-hand knowledge of this mission.

Every Direction

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

0218001810aToday I set up shop at the University of Georgia’s Tate Student Center. It reminded me of performing in a theatre in the round, and I was in the middle of the stage. Students and faculty came at me from every direction. It was an awesome experience. Just when I was through talking to one group, another would approach from a different direction. The weather was a major co-operation, which helped to allow for longer conversations. WNEG, the on-campus television station, did a wonderful interview on the plaza. It is a great way to spread the kindness message on any campus. Soon after the interview, The Red & Black, the school newspaper called to do an interview. A service organization on campus, International Events Association, booked me to speak at one of their events this evening. Everyone, I am convinced, wants to embrace kindness and service in their lives. Boy, do the students at the University of Georgia make you feel at home. Even Bogart stretched out on his blanket I took for him as if he owned the place. He and I felt totally at home on this sprawling campus.

Melissa and Nick, who work for the International Events Association, are two students who are dedicated to others in this world. I was very impressed at how involved they are at such a young age. Tochuku, came by to express her gratitude, she says she has been seeing the bus all over town. She made Bogart feel as welcome as if he were Uga. Thank you, Tochuku. Erin, who lives in downtown Athens, was so amazed at seeing the bus in her town, so she took a stack of stickers for all of her friends. These are but a few of the almost seven-hundred students I talked with.

Where’s Bogart?

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

0217000956Today’s photo of Bogart and Uga at the campus of the University of Georgia, reminds me of the popular children’s (and adult’s) series of books called, Where’s Waldo? Bogart felt a little uneasy posing for this picture, now there’s a first. I guess I cannot blame him though, having another dog, even a statue of a dog of that size would probably intimidate a much larger breed as well.

This campus is huge. I found that out when I walked most of its length to donate blood late this morning, and had to walk back, realizing I had left my driver’s license in the bus. Bummer!  I was next to Brent, a student at this campus, as I donated a pint of AB- blood. Brent and his friends always donate and have a contest as to who can fill a pint quicker. Having fun while volunteering, I love it! I spent most of the remaining day, giving two telephone interviews, learning the lay of the land, and meeting and interacting with a few hundred students. Russell and Willis a young couple having lunch at an outdoor café loved the cool message of One Million Acts of Kindness, they even commented that the Kindness Bus blows away the Partridge Family bus. I am honored…I think.   Today, I was paid, what seemed like one hundred compliments. Southern hospitality at its finest.

Bucket List

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

T0216000926he Life Care Center of Greeneville was one of the many groups who reported to me how their One Million Acts of Kindness Week went. I must say that this group was quite ingenious. Everyone got involved to create a list of projects, which needed to be accomplished. One of the items on the list was #3, Learn to Dance. The head of admissions will take time out of her lunch hour and after work to help the patients learn to dance. They will continue to work on all of their goals throughout the year. The biggest goal on the Bucket List is from the Greeneville Fire Chief; because of budget cutbacks, the firehouse is in dire need of painting and sprucing up of the living quarters. The executive Director of the LLC of Greeneville is going to find the workforce to accomplish the chief’s goal. Sensational ‼

We spent part of the morning on the Clemson campus talking with students about the goal of kindness and the positive impact it will have. These students have been very supportive. The Kindness Bus is becoming a fixture on this campus. Bogart is becoming quite the “camera ham” as he climbed up on a statue of Thomas Green Clemson in front of Tillman Hall, and sat at his feet (OK I admit it. I helped him up). We are packing up the bus and heading out to the University of Georgia. I hear that Bogart may get the opportunity to meet the future Uga.

Wanting More for Our Fellow Man

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The first One Million Acts of Kindness Week was the launch pad for some great things on the horizon. From pre-school  children, having a book drive to help solve illiteracy in the New River Valley region of Virginia to hospice care workers across the country taking part in spreading kindness to their patients and families. Families and schools all doing more for their fellow man than they had ever done before. This is the foundation for one who then chooses to embrace the goal of performing one million acts of kindness in one’s life. Curriculum is being designed for all age groups for year number two. I am indebted to all who helped with lending their energies to this cause. Thank you.

  Today I creatively parked in front of Riggs and met over four hundred students and faculty on the Clemson campus. Brian raced over to say hi and wondered what I was doing back on his campus. He and I met in mid-December on my last visit. A student named Marge, who has a Boston terrier named Wilson back at home, just had to pay a visit to the Kindness Bus. Parking services passed by the bus a few times without incident; I was parked in a delivery zone…I was delivering stickers. While having a late lunch at a local restaurant, Cathy, Amy and Ryan said some of the nicest words about my cause. Their generosity was a big help to the Kindness Bus Tour. Tomorrow I have an interview before I head out to the University of Georgia for a few days. Bogart may soon be as popular as Uga.

Valen-Kinds Day

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

0213001507How fitting to have the first annual One Million Acts of Kindness Week come to a close on Valentine’s Day. Kindness and love are interchangeable, really one in the same. A day, which should last all year, and a week, which should last your entire life. I received several emails today; one was from Sue in south Texas. She said it wasn’t by mere chance that she discovered One Million Acts of Kindness on Valentine’s Day. For her it has larger meaning, as she has been looking for an outlet of expression of service. She is on her way. This entire weekend there were an inordinate amount of people who wanted to talk to the guy driving the Kindness Bus; I am having a blast doing this. Thank you to everyone.

Bogart and I have been re-charging in the Clemson University region. Bogart went for a huge explore in the Botanical Garden, we made contact with hundreds of students, and re-connected with people we met here a couple of months ago. Kelly and John have been a huge help in our visit here this time, providing a warm place to sleep at night while the temperatures drop into the teens outside. The bus gets just a little too cold on nights like these. Tomorrow Bogart and I will be on the Clemson campus and then we head to the University of Georgia in Athens. We will visit nine colleges in Georgia in a little over two-week’s time. Somebody turn up the heat

Please Don’t Leave

Friday, February 12th, 2010

0212001010As I was packing the bus for the afternoon drive to Clemson, a female student at the top of the stairs to the Squires Student Center requested that I not leave the campus yet. She said she loved seeing the bus on campus. I usually get everyone’s name, but I am so sorry I did not get hers. The Head of Event Planning, Kevin Ayoub, and his student volunteer, Alex Ong, extended my visit to the campus, with the extension of parking privileges this morning. Event Planning saw to it that the Kindness Bus was able to cozy right up to the stairs to Squires. I went in their office to thank them personally, and left with a very cool Hokie T-shirt. The perks never end on this friendly campus.

I was on campus for only a couple of hours but made great contacts in the short amount of time. Most everyone is sleepwalking at eight in the morning on college campuses, including yours truly. Cori, a student, was thrilled at the possibility of One Million Acts of Kindness becoming popular across the nation. She left with a few stickers for some of her friends. Jeremy, who works in the Graduate Life Center, was equally thrilled. He and I had a nice conversation about him spreading this message far and wide. There seems to be a common denominator with everyone I meet…everyone is ready for a kindness movement in this country. I am ready too.

On my drive to the Clemson campus, I stopped at The Little Saints Child Care Center to drop off some canned goods for their celebration of One Million Acts of Kindness Week. A big thank you to the staff, the parents, and all of the children. Karen Myers and her staff totally rock‼